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Yevtushenkov's company completely got rid of Detsky Mir securities

Yevtushenkov's company completely got rid of Detsky Mir securities

AFK Sistema withdrew from the capital of Detsky Mir. The company owned about 20.38% of shares. For it, Vladimir Yevtushenkov’s organization gained 16.8 billion rubles. The company is going to pay off the debt.

AFK Sistema put up its stock of shares for sale last night. During the night, the order book was closed. Here international investment funds from Britain and the United States acted as buyers, said the company’s representative Sergey Kopytov. The shares were sold at 112 rubles per unit. The discount was 0.8%; at the close of trading on the Moscow Exchange, the securities cost 112.96 rubles.

In addition to Yevtushenkov’s company, the Russian-Chinese Investment Fund also sold its shares. For its 4.62% stake, it gained 3.8 billion rubles.

Detsky Mir is the largest national seller of products for children. The company includes 784 stores in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. In 2017, Detsky Mir held an IPO on the Moscow Exchange. Since the initial public offering, the retailer has brought more than 60 billion rubles from the placement of securities and dividends to AFK.

At the end of 2017, AFK and the Russian-Chinese Fund planned to get rid of 8% of Detsky Mir’s securities as part of a secondary placement of securities, but the deal failed when the assets of Yevtushenkov’s company were seized within the AFK’s legal proceedings with Rosneft. Over the past two years, the company has been discussing the terms of selling its stake in Detsky Mir with strategic investors. Suleyman Kerimov  and Mikhail Gutseriev were indicated as possible buyers of the media.

The negotiations didn’t finish successfully. Last year Yevtushenkov said that his company was not satisfied with the bidders’ price offer. After that, the main shareholders of the retailer began to gradually reduce the amount of their shares in the company. In 2019, as part of securities replacement on the exchange, they sold 23.7% of shares for 15.9 billion. In June, 15.9% of securities were also sold for 10.95 billion.


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