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Watch Spike Lee’s New Ad That Spins Crypto As 'New Money'

Watch Spike Lee’s New Ad That Spins Crypto As 'New Money'
Source: A video screenshot, Youtube/Coin Cloud

US director, screenwriter and actor Spike Lee has rolled out a new ad for crypto ATM provider Coin Cloud, employing a socially-conscious message to praise cryptocurrencies as a tool to advance the empowerment of the underprivileged and underserved.

“Seven million Americans have no bank account. 20 million are underbanked! Old money’s not gonna pick us up. It pushes us down,” the acclaimed filmmaker says in the ad, entitled The Currency of Currency, in which he presents cryptocurrencies as “new money”.

“New money is positive. Inclusive. Fluid. Strong. Culturally rich. Where status is anything but status quo,” Lee says, encouraging crypto’s potential users to “do their own research”.

“The digital rebellion is here,” the director declares.

The two-minute-long ad shows people of different genders, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds use Coin Cloud’s ATMs under the company’s slogan of “Bringing Digital Currency to All”.

The ad does not mention any cryptocurrency specifically, however, the sign of Bitcoin (BTC) can be seen in the end of the video.

Lee, whose 2018 movie BlacKkKlansman won him an Academy Award in the Best Adapted Screenplay category the following year, admits the latest ad has spiked his interest in crypto.

Before filming began, Lee had little knowledge of cryptocurrencies, and had to take “a crash course” on crypto, he recently told The New York Times.

The filmmaker did not disclose how much he was paid for the ad, but said that “if anyone’s known my body of work over the last four decades, you kind of know about the way I see the world, and when they approached me, it fit in line.”

Fresh from his crypto crash course, the director now plans to invest his funds in cryptocurrencies, but draws the line at non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

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