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The Russian government will return part of the funds to citizens who travel around the country

The Russian government will return part of the funds to citizens who travel around the country

On August 21, Russia launched a state cashback program for traveling around the country: the authorities will return some funds spent on travel and accommodation. You can take part in the promotion until August 28, but the trip can take place no later than December 20 and the assets must be refunded no later than December 31. Bonuses will be transferred only to the card of the Russian payment system “Mir”.

To get cashback from the government, you need to register the Mir card on the mirputestviy.rf website. There you need to choose one of the tour operators or a hotel and pay for them with a Mir card till August 28. At the same time, it is important to pay attention to the conditions, since when traveling to the Altai Territory, Kaliningrad Region, Crimea and Sevastopol, funds will be transferred only from trips booked for a date after October 1.

The promotion applies to the purchase of travel packages, payment for transport, hotel (from four nights).

The amount of cashback will depend on the cost of the tour:

  • Citizens will receive 5 thousand rubles at a trip cost from 25 to 50 thousand rubles;
  • 10 thousand rubles to Russians will be transferred from tours costing from 50 to 75 thousand rubles;
  • Citizens will get 15 thousand rubles to the card when purchasing tickets for an amount of 75 thousand rubles or more.

Cashback will be transferred to the Mir card within five working days from the date of payment for the trip. The government allocated 15 billion rubles for the project. These measures will attract at least 103.75 billion rubles to tourism.

Analysts of Russian banks noted that with the launch of the campaign, many citizens became interested in opening the Mir card. In some of them, the growth of new users reached 50%.


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