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The main events that marked the development of the economy in the past decade

The main events that marked the development of the economy in the past decade

  When the advent of personal computers marked the change of era in 1980, in 90s this obligation fell on the distribution of the Internet, the 10s of the second millennium will be remembered for the spread of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has become an amazing asset over which regulators don’t have power, and its value is not regulated by third parties. His life activity is constantly monitored by hundreds of thousands of computers connected by a common network, where it is customary to use cryptography to achieve mutual understanding. The technology of a distributed registry can change not only the world of the economy, but also real estate, the principles of voting, storage of healthcare databases in the future.

     When Bitcoin first appeared, only a few economists knew about it. On January 3, 2009, the developer Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, in which he “hid” a reminder to everyone about what could happen if you rely too much on banks.

     13 events that determined the development of cash:

     May 22, 2010

On this day, programmer Laszlo Hanyecz ordered Papa John’s pizza for $25 and paid 10,000 Bitcoins. Thus, he determined the value of coins in relation to the market.

     June 2012

Ripple system launched the new XRP currency, and one of the founders added several lines of code that determined the maximum possible number of tokens issued to the market: 100 billion.

     March 2013

Banks of Cyprus began to threaten the confiscation of deposits, which increased public interest in Bitcoin. Its price has risen to $80.

     October 2013

FBI discovered and liquidated Silk Road drug exchange, and Ross Ulbricht (its Head) was sentenced to life imprisonment.

     February 2014

The largest attack was carried out against Mt. Gox exchange during which $460 billion was stolen. Bitcoin value fell to $400.

     December 2014

Microsoft has begun accepting cryptocurrency payments on the Xbox. By the end of the year, Bitcoin exchange rate was $312.

     May 2015

Barry Silbert, founder of Second Market, created and launched a securitized Bitcoin for highly qualified investors.

     July 2015

Canadian Vitalik Buterin created Ethereum blockchain, which helped to launch decentralized applications.

     December 2015

Thanks to a former JPMorgan employee Blythe Masters a consortium of companies to develop blockchain-based software has been created.

     October 2016

With the advent of Zcash currency, developed using a zero-disclosure evidence protocol, anonymous coins became popular.

     December 2017

Chicago Options Exchange launches futures with the ability to open short positions on Bitcoins. Bitcoin exchange rate at that time was $15,300.

     December 17, 2017

Bitcoin value rose to $19,902. The capital of Ripple CEO Chris Larsen was estimated for $37 billion at this time.

     June 18, 2019

Facebook announces the start of work on its own cryptocurrency Libra.


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