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Ternoa’s Wallet to Include The Project’s Main Features in One Smart App

Ternoa’s Wallet to Include The Project’s Main Features in One Smart App

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It’s here! After months of hard work, preparation and development, Ternoa will soon be launching the alpha version of the Ternoa Wallet app. On a journey to democratise the crypto-sphere, the Ternoa Wallet promises a wide variety of in-depth features based on decentralized blockchain technology, nevertheless maintaining a very user-friendly and sleek design and system. In short, this application will be a space of discovery for those new to the world of blockchain, and a sandbox of possibilities for those already familiar with it.

At its core, the Ternoa Wallet offers three features: $CAPS management, access to Ternoa’s SecretNFT Marketplace, and the possibility to collaborate on Dapp development. This may be a lot to take in at once, so in this article we will break down each of these details to get you up to speed and, hopefully, just as excited as us for Ternoa Wallet’s launch.

The Ternoa Wallet in detail

First and foremost, the aptly named Ternoa Wallet is exactly that: a Wallet. It’s the ideal space for you to manage your share of Ternoa’s in-house token $CAPS, which has been publically available for a month now. The app will allow you to send, store, and receive your $CAPS with ease and in maximum security.

Ternoa’s Wallet to Include The Project’s Main Features in One Smart App

The next feature to join the Ternoa Wallet app is, as we mentioned, Ternoa’s SecretNFT Marketplace. The Alpha version was launched back in April 2021, and has been open for testing since. Here, you will be able to browse and purchase exclusive SecretNFTs from talented digital artists, “secret” standing for the fact that each NFT will be watermarked and only fully visible upon purchase – for the added benefit of both the creator and buyer. Ternoa Wallet will provide the easiest way to purchase, decrypt, store and sell the NFTs of your choosing.

Lastly, there are the dApps. Ternoa Wallet will provide a platform to collaboratively create and run decentralized applications, taking advantage of the blockchain’s pre-existing infrastructure. In fact, our SecretNFT Marketplace is one such dApp, providing an excellent example of the possibilities connected to the technology.

The Possibilities of Blockchain at your Fingertips

Ternoa’s Wallet to Include The Project’s Main Features in One Smart App

With the launch of the Wallet, the entire world will get a sneak-peek into the Ternoa universe and gain hands-on experience with the exciting project’s new developments. The Ternoa Wallet is more than just an app, it’s a gateway to the many possibilities of blockchain, and we’re excited for every single person to join us on our journey of discovery.


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