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Swiss and Russian researchers have calculated the level of elites index: Kazakhstan overtook Russia

Swiss and Russian researchers have calculated the level of elites index: Kazakhstan overtook Russia

Russia and Kazakhstan are the only countries among post-Soviet states which were included in the rating of states with a high level of elites, which was prepared by researchers from St. Gallen University in cooperation with the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo. The top three countries include Singapore, Switzerland and Germany. Russia took 23rd place, Kazakhstan – 19th.

The quality index of elites indicates the degree of the general influence of elites on the development of society: according to the study, low-quality elites seriously hamper the development of the states where they live. To calculate the index, scientists analyzed 72 indicators that describe the process of creating and redistributing wealth, as well as the elites’ ability to influence government decisions through institutional mechanisms.

One way or another large entrepreneurs provide the necessary coordination of human and financial resources.

Among other countries, Russia stands out with a significant variation between the components of the index. It received the highest score in terms of macroeconomic policy, as well as some aspects of tax policy and competitiveness of the banking sector. It has received the lowest score in terms of indicators related to regular politics. Researchers noted country-specific problems with property rights and the risk of expropriation.

Experts noted that the development of the state is impossible without solving some issues. They pointed out the low level of trust as the reason for the low quality of the elites. The state doesn’t trust the population and business, which leads to an increase in the latter’s expenses. At the same time, the effectiveness of institutions is replaced by personal decisions, which as a result leads to the capital and brains drain from Russia.

As for Kazakhstan, here the index may rise in the near future due to the recent energy crisis and political changes. Despite the lack of access to the sea, the government was able to establish trade and investment relations not only with Russia, but also with China, the West, and the Arab world.


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