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Supreme Court tries to limit article 210 towards entrepreneurs

Supreme Court tries to limit article 210 towards entrepreneurs

Supreme Court is considering a proposal to limit article 210 to entrepreneurs. This was reported to Forbes by Vladimir Davydov, deputy chairman of Supreme Court.

     Recently, people have often begun to raise the question that this section was created to combat criminal activity. But, considering that now cases of ordinary economic operations fall under this article, the matter of its reworking arose sharply. According to judicial statistics, 40% of cases under consideration remain without a verdict, and sometimes don’t even reach a court due to baseless accusations.

     Also in an interview, Davydov noted that quite often article 210 was applied to entrepreneurs in order to keep them in pre-trial detention facilities for longer.

     Consideration of a controversial section takes place not for the first time. Back in July, Putin assigned to mull over this issue and provide evidence for further discussions. And in November, together with officials, he considered the possibility of canceling 210, 193, and 193.1 articles, but there were no further consequences.

     According to the court practice for 2018, 1,700 trials were conducted under articles in the field of entrepreneurship, which is 700 less than in 2016. And even despite this, every 4th was released, and only 10% – 180 people fell under the article.

     Even at the beginning of 2019, under article 159 (fraud), 7784 people were convicted. Despite the fact that most of these processes relate more to violations of entrepreneurial activity than to organized crime.


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