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Stormgain, The Award-Winning Platform That Always Looks to The Future

Stormgain, The Award-Winning Platform That Always Looks to The Future

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StormGain, the all-in-one crypto platform as they define themselves and currently awarded as the Best Cryptocurrency Broker by Ultimate Fintech Awards 2021 and available in more than 100 countries, offers several unique benefits for its customers that have been trading since its appearance in 2019, and that has positioned it among the best crypto-brokers today.

StormGain offers you complete service in crypto; it’s powerful and intuitive platform gives you the option to buy, sell, exchange, trade, hodl, mine, and learn crypto.

But let’s take a deeper look at what this platform delivers. If you are a new user, registration is swift and uncomplicated, in addition to offering a wide range of payment options to add the asset of your preference to your portfolio in a heartbeat, it takes you no more than 5 minutes to enter the crypto market.

StormGain also offers the most popular assets such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum but is constantly adding options so you can diversify your portfolio. It has been the case with the recent boom of “meme” coins like SHIB, DOGE, ICP, AMC, GME, TLRY, and other altcoins that have burst into the market and offer opportunities to traders. And you can trade all this without being charged a commission since it provides its users “Profit Share” taking commission only if the operation is successful, an important feature when trading.

Some other features offered by this platform is its boost of up to x300 leverage allowing you to get funds for trading and increase your order volume with the highest leverage on the market, which can increase your profits quickly and also the risk. Still, it is a card that some traders like to have at their disposal. StormGain’s platform also provides nine bullet-in multi-currency wallets that will enable you to store your crypto under market-leading security protocols, in addition to allowing you an easy withdrawal of your funds, avoiding lengthy and cumbersome processes.

StormGain also has a Loyalty Program, which consists of 7 levels from Standard to VIP 3 with different benefits for each of them, from crypto mining speed, annual interest rate, deposit bonus, or exchange commission, especially for those looking for a long term relationship with a platform that has proven to be constantly evolving. Additionally, when it comes to bonuses, StormGain has its “Refer a Friend” program, and participants get 15% of their referrals withdrawn USDT mined with the free BTC miner.

If there are still things you don’t know about the crypto world, don’t worry, StormGain has you covered, as it offers free education, video tutorials, constant updates and news so you can better understand how the platform works including the crypto market.

Undoubtedly, Stomgain is a platform that offers everything you need to earn in crypto and is constantly updating to meet the needs of its customers and the fast-paced world of crypto. So take the plunge and start your journey as a trader with an All-in-one crypto platform. And you can do it without fear with their 50,000 USDT demo account before you start trading on your live account. Sign up and open your account today on www.stormgain.com

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