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Sberbank rebrands its ecosystem

Sberbank rebrands its ecosystem

  Sberbank plans to start rebranding of a significant part of its companies that make up the SberX ecosystem in June, Forbes reported citing a source close to the bank.

     The bank plans to change the color of the logo. It will be almost the same as on the bank’s stand used during its participation in the Finopolis 2019 forum: a gradient flowing from green to blue from left to right. Sberbank was the first to change its logo, the creation of which was first announced in August 2019.

     The source also told that for organizations which are not united in a common ecosystem, the Sber prefix  will be used on logos. But this innovation will not affect companies with a separate brand from Sberbank. The logo won’t be changed for those organizations, with which the bank management does not plan to associate itself.

     Based on the strategy of Sberbank, it will transform into a technological enterprise and will compete not with banking organizations, but with IT companies such as Google or Amazon. Sberbank President German Gref said that he considers technological organisations striving to build an ecosystem to be true opponents. He wants to develop Sberbank into a technological giant that can provide the client with all the services it needs.

    Now, the ecosystem of the bank consists of about twenty organizations working in different directions. They include Yandex.Market service, DocDoc platform, Sberbank Telecom and others. In July 2019, Sberbank and Mail.ru Group announced the start of the creation of a joint venture worth 100 billion rubles, which will develop and promote delivery and taxi services. Some time later, Sberbank acquired a 46.5% stake in Rambler Group. The pool consists of Lenta.Ru, Rambler, Afisha.Ru, Gazeta.Ru projects, as well as the online cinema Okko.


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