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Sberbank launches a new loyalty program with the ability to give bonuses to each other

Sberbank launches a new loyalty program with the ability to give bonuses to each other

Starting on February 1, Sberbank launches an offer for cardholders registered in the “Thanks” loyalty program. According to the conditions, users will be able to give bonus points to each other. It will be possible to give bonuses to friends and acquaintances on the bank’s website and in the application “Thanks X” for smartphones, Forbes reported with reference to Vedomosti publication.

     At the moment, a beta version of the platform “Thanks from Sberbank” has been launched, and by the beginning of February it will go in force for all cardholders. Not all users will be able to transfer points to other program participants. The function will not work for those whose cards are at the first stage of the “Thanks” privileges. To increase the status of the card, it is necessary to pay or withdraw from the card at least 5,000 rubles per month, and conduct more non-cash transactions than withdraw cash. In this case, the card receives the status “Many thanks”.

     Participants with the status “Many thanks”, “Great thanks” and “More than thank you” will have the opportunity to give from 1 to 50 thousand points using their phone number. One bonus will be equal to one ruble. Payments to the recipient’s card will come immediately. Bank representatives also specify that the accrued bonus amount will be less than the amount sent, depending on the card status coefficient. It will be 1:0.8 for cards with “Thanks” level, 1:0.9 for “Many thanks” and 1:0.95 for “More than thank you”.

      As a gift, each month user can receive no more than 20, 30 or 50 thousand points, depending on the status of the card. Bank representatives said that bonuses will not be taxed.


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