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Russian ruble awaits the appointment of a new premier

Russian ruble awaits the appointment of a new premier

The news of Russian government resignation negatively affected the Russian ruble. According to the Moscow Stock Exchange on January 15 at 16:29 Moscow time, the US dollar rose by 33 kopecks, the euro – by 35 kopecks. At the same time, the ruble didn’t change quotes in response to the president’s proposal to amend the constitution.

Head of operations in the foreign exchange and money market of Metallinvestbank Sergey Romanchuk said that a short-term depreciation of the ruble is a natural phenomenon, taking into account recent events. He said that further ruble quotes will depend on the future prime minister. If an appointed prime minister will be a representative of law enforcement agencies, the reaction of the market will be negative, if of the economic sector – positive. Also the president’s rating, which continues to decline due to low salaries, should be taken into account.

General Director of Sputnik – Money Management Company Alexander Losev assured that the market gently reacted to the events of the past days. He expects a greater response from investors after the appointment of the prime minister.

BKS-Premier Senior Analyst Sergey Suverov agreed with Losev. He noted that investors took the position of observers. The market is waiting for news about the appointment of a new prime minister. He is also sure that if a person close to the economy is appointed, the market will be okay. The main thing is that the new minister doesn’t bring contradictions to the stock market.


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