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Roger Ver, Founder of Bitcoin.com Takes a Stake in The ADAX Token

Roger Ver, Founder of Bitcoin.com Takes a Stake in The ADAX Token

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by Cryptonews.com.

Ever since its launch, ADAX has had an overall crazy run. The project recently concluded its successful run of public/private sales and token listing. The platform that was structured in an effort to engage the community by providing added benefits to the Cardano ecosystem, has been growing constantly due to the efficient partnerships and support from big names in the industry. The recent addition to this portfolio was none other than the “Bitcoin Jesus” himself, Roger Ver.

Roger Ver is known to be an early adopter of cryptocurrencies and an investor who steered towards crypto-related startups while the industry was emerging. To date, he has invested in startups like Bitcoin.com, Blockchain.com, Ripple, ZCash, BitPay, Kraken, and a lot of others that grew exponentially. As a strong believer in Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System since 2011, Roger created and focused on investing into a lot of projects that were payment related, specifically built on top of Bitcoin Cash, but also a few others that showed great promise. Following his own set trend, Roger has decided to invest early on into, what he believes could be the next potentially huge Decentralized Exchange, ADAX.

This development comes soon after ADAX onboarded Mate Tokay, also bitcoin.com co-founder, as a strategic advisor. Roger Ver, followed the suit with his old friend and showed his interest by investing in the project. These developments have proven to be immensely valuable and it is projected that through the combined influence of Roger and Mate, the platform would see a significant increase in adoption and growth.

Other recent developments in the project include partnering up with the likes of Charli3, the open-source decentralized oracle for Cardano, and Black Dragon that serves as the marketing, development, and research partner for ADAX.

The token has been doing great since the end of the private sale and the Initial Exchange Offering. It has been listed on a centralized exchange on the 26th of June and is available to trade on the platform, which is another major milestone, because ADAX is one of the first Cardano Native Tokens to be openly traded. Moreover, ADAX staking has kicked off with almost 12million tokens already allocated to the pool.

All things considered, ADAX is constantly working to build partnerships and taking influencers of the market on board with the aims to grow and become the next big name in the DEXs space.

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