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Putin plans constitutional changes

Putin plans constitutional changes

On December 19, Vladimir Putin held his annual press conference, where he and journalists discussed the mass dismissal of doctors, Russia’s suspension from the Olympics, trump’s impeachment, and the law on domestic violence. Expectedly, they did not remember the “Moscow case”. But there was one caveat that worried many, as Forbes reported. Is this really a reservation?

There has been talk of revising the Constitution for a long time, but now it has become more substantive. Vladimir Vladimirovich confirmed that the first Chapter of the Constitution will not be changed for sure, but some points can be removed. One of these is the distribution of power between the President and the Parliament.

On July 12, Bloomberg discussed this issue. According to their data, officials plan to reduce the list of state Duma deputies elected on party lists to 25% (currently 50%). The rest will be chosen by single-member districts. The system will start working from 2021, along with the new parliamentary elections. Some were concerned that the reform would give Vladimir Putin full control over the composition of the legislative chamber.

There was a hint that one word could be removed from the Constitution; he himself called it a “reservation”. It was about 81 articles, which say that one person can not hold the post of President for more than two terms in a row. “Your humble servant served two terms in this position and had the opportunity to return. Many of our political scientists are confused by this, and we can probably cancel this reservation,” the President said.


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