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Pension fund spent 377 million rubles on pensions for dead citizens

Pension fund spent 377 million rubles on pensions for dead citizens

Due to the incorrect maintenance of documents on the death of citizens in the territorial bodies subordinate to the Russian Pension Fund, some citizens are mistakenly paid pensions even if these people are not alive. Moreover, their relatives can easily cash it out, according to Forbes, citing a report from the Accounts Chamber.

According to the information of the department, overpayments based on the results of the inspection of only two territorial bodies for the current year amounted to more than 377 million rubles. If the relatives don’t return the funds paid on their own, they can only be collected by a court decision.

The Accounts Chamber has audited more than a thousand pension cases in Moscow, Moscow and Saratov regions. Violations were revealed in the recalculation of pension payments to 171 citizens. Accordingly, incorrectly conducted cases reached 16.1% of the total. The department also pointed out that the pensioners were additionally paid 3 million rubles. Also, it was possible to identify some violations in the Saratov region in addition to the funds paid to the dead people. For example, in 11 out of 175 cases, pensioners didn’t receive additional payments.

The Accounts Chamber pointed out failures in the registration system of citizens in the Pension Fund, due to which some persons don’ot receive pensions in full. Such errors occur as a result of opening two or more accounts for one individual or assigning the same insurance numbers to different people. The document on the fact of the inspection indicated that in 53.3% of cases the pension rights of citizens were violated. In most cases, double registration with the FIU was observed among women who changed their surname after marriage.

According to the department, for the period from 2017 to 2019, the fund united over 572,500 accounts, 89,800 of which belong to retirees. Over the same years, the FIU divided 2,400 accounts, including 189 retirees. At the moment, there are about 650,000 doubled accounts in the system, which is 0.4% of their total number.


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