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Investors admit that their lives have changed due to the pandemic

Investors admit that their lives have changed due to the pandemic

UBS, one of the largest Swiss bank, conducted a survey called Investor Watch. It involved more than 3,750 respondents from fifteen countries.

75% of survey participants said that their lives will not be the same after the COVID-19 pandemic, and here are their plans for the future:

  • 70% of respondents decided to travel less and prefer a remote work format;
  • Half of the respondents want to revise their schedule and devote more time to the family;
  • 46% are considering moving to less populated cities;
  • 88% of respondents changed their priorities in favor of health.

Investors took the crisis caused by the pandemic quite seriously, said Bonnie Park, head of the wealth planning department at UBS.

Most investors were forced to reconsider their attitude to finance, 56% of survey participants fear that in case of the next pandemic wave, they will not be able to save as many assets as they had before. Another 54% of respondents are worried that they will not be able to leave an inheritance to their relatives. 60% of the respondents are afraid that in case of illness they will become a burden for the family. Another 58% fear that they will have to work longer before retirement.

Almost 70% of investors agreed that the coronavirus has affected their financial condition. At the same time, the negative consequences were noted more by young investors. The older ones were relatively ready for difficulties. They were the ones who admitted that they had changed their attitude towards money. They are also concerned about losing their jobs or being unable to save money for a rainy day.


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