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FAS announced the beginning of an investigation into a sharp hike in the cost of gasoline

FAS announced the beginning of an investigation into a sharp hike in the cost of gasoline

The Antimonopoly Service decided to check the gasoline market for the possibility of collusion as a result of a hike in exchange prices for AI-95 fuel. FAS Deputy Head Andrei Tsarikovsky said that he didn’t exclude the possibility that someone forgot the situation with Solid — Commodity Markets JSC. In case the collusion is proved, the initiators will face sanctions or criminal liability.

It is also said that the service is taking all necessary measures to prevent unjustified price hikes, as well as the consequences of hype for oil products.

On June 17, during trading on the international commodity exchange of St. Petersburg, the price of AI-95 gasoline broke the 2018 record of $767 per ton. The difference between the cost of Ai-92 and Ai-95 also increased the maximum mark to $95.

Pavel Bazhenov, head of the Independent Fuel Union, noted that the main reason for the increase in prices was a decrease in exchange standards, as well as restrictions on imports. He also warned about further growth in the cost of fuel, since it is difficult for gas stations to operate in the current conditions.

In May, experts attributed the hike in prices to the rise in the exchange gasoline costs due to a decrease in the amount of fuel sold on SPIMEX, as well as a decrease in its supply to the domestic market. At the beginning of the month, the Energy Ministry turned to oil companies with a recommendation to redirect fuel exports to the local market.

Since the end of May, the government has introduced temporary restrictions on the fuel import into the country. The ban will be in effect until the end of October. Alexander Novak, head of the Ministry of Energy, said this measure is coercive due to the low cost of raw materials.


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