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Events of the week influenced stock markets

Events of the week  influenced stock markets

The situation on the stock markets is far from being calm. Investment banker and expert Evgeny Kogan spoke about the events worth paying attention to. First of all, he mentions the emergence of a new strain of coronavirus, which contributes to the introduction of new restrictions in the countries of its detection.

As for oil, the 12% drop in prices, according to analysts, including those representing Goldman Sachs, looks too substantial. Especially when you consider that OPEC + is likely to revise production volumes at the next meeting.

In turn, Goldman Sachs is waiting for more detailed information on the prospects for the spread of the new strain and the corresponding reaction of the countries in which it was discovered. And after that it will be possible to update the forecasts.

Evgeny Kogan reminds that the US will soon have congressional elections. And, according to the situation on the energy market, representatives of the Republican Party may well get the majority. If that happens, then one of the goals of the Joe Biden administration will be to bring gas prices down to $ 3 a gallon and even lower. For this, quotes for black gold will be brought down to the level of $ 65-67. In connection with the fact, one of the important questions is what  the members of the cartel will do. The expert draws attention to the fact that the OPEC + ministerial meeting will take place on Thursday, as a result of which the situation may become clearer. An important point is that the volatility in the oil market is likely to affect the ruble exchange rate.

Markets in developing countries are threatened not only by Covid-19, but also by the fact that investors continue to avoid risks. Goldman Sachs reminds that the Federal Reserve System (Fed) may reduce its monthly bond purchases, and by mid-March the bond purchase program will be phased out. According to the bank, interest rates will be increased three times in 2022 and this process will begin in June.

On Monday, a report from the chairman of the Fed is planned, in which, possibly, an explanation of further actions will be given. Also, from the point of view of an expert, the report to the banking committee, scheduled for Tuesday, is also worth paying attention to. The information about  the CARES Act, which was passed in response to the pandemic will be given in it

As for the Russian market, the interest in this case is the briefing of the head of the Central Bank and the maturity of the Rusnano bonds. Evgeny Kogan notes that his attitude to the silence that accompanies this issue is negative. It is due to the fact that if  default occurs, it will have serious consequences for the market of government quasi securities..


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