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Why Solanax is Here For The Long Run & How They Are Beating Competition

Why Solanax is Here For The Long Run & How They Are Beating Competition

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by Cryptonews.com.

Solanax – does that ring a bell? If not, let me introduce you to the decentralized, noncustodial, automated mechanism to help users exchange and sell inside the Solana ecosystem. It eliminates every middleman along these lines making the environment quicker, less expensive, and easy to use for the user. Now, Solanax is paving its path of becoming the most popular DEX on Solana.

Solanax is here for the long run.

“It’s a marathon; not a sprint,” wrote The Head of Sales, Matas Balnaitis, in one of their recent AMA sessions when asked, “why are you taking such a slow approach to development”. CTO Mindaugas wrote: “Solanax developers are working on perfecting the exchange to offer a flawless and easy to use platform for every trader and investor – it takes time”. During the AMA session in the ExMarkets telegram channel, the team stated that they are following the current roadmap and will make every minute count.

Solana is a young project itself, and the team believes that its POH (Proof – of – history) technology is the future. Even though many aspects of growth are not as turbo-boosted as Ether or Cardano, it seems that Solanax is one of the many parts of the Solana ecosystem that’ll catalyze community growth and development.

A healthy competition

Dexlab, Apeswap, Hydraswap, Solible and so forth are DEXs’ that are fighting tooth and nail for a bite of the market. Competition gets rough in a community that just began to sprout its leaves. Why Solanax deserves a place in the sunlight, you ask? Compared to its competitors, I see a crucial difference. In my opinion, it’s the teams’ extreme drive for perfection.

Solanax has sold over half of their tokens in the private sale phase and is now about to start their second round of IEO on ExMarkets, which leads to showing the trust this project has to offer. Solanax community is updated regularly via socials and on their newsletter.

DexLab, ApeSwap and all of the other DEXs ‘have everything Solanax can offer, so why do I think Solanax is even worthy of attention? Because of the support! Day or night, Monday or Sunday, you get almost immediate support. I was once young like you were, lad, without a care in the world, but once I faced the problems of being ignored, especially regarding my finances, was I pissed my boy. Support is an essential part of any healthy business, and to me, it’s a priority in many cases.

A Friendly reminder

I bet your hands are itching right now, well then a friendly reminder to you all that the second round of Solanax’s IEO is ongoing at ExMarkets.

Round 1: 28 Jun 2021 – 04 Jul 2021 | 0.20 USD | Available supply: 5,000,000 $SOLDRound 2: 07 Jul 2021 – 11 Jul 2021 | 0.25 USD | Available supply: 3,000,000 $SOLDRound 3: 14 Jul 2021 – 16 Jul 2021 | 0.30 USD | Available supply: 2,000,000 $SOLD

The early bird gets the early worm. For more news, follow the guys on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Solanaxorg


In My Honest Opinion, I do believe this project is worth your time. After many years of investing in crypto, I’ve learned a thing or two about the key points to look at when choosing where to put your money at. Some of them I’ve mentioned, such as community growth and support – it’s not always about the volume and cute designs. One other point I’ve learned is that ALWAYS DO YOU YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Crypto is as much logical as your gut feeling. All in all, Solanax is worth the shot if you have the patience and believe in Solana. Cheers.

The article was written by NewCryptoOrder (@NewCryptoOrder)


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