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Wealthy Americans support wealth tax

Wealthy Americans support wealth tax

Wealthy US citizens whose income exceeds $1 million, or Americans who possess $5 million, offer the government to introduce a wealth tax. From their words, it will help solve the problem of inequality. In order to search for like-minded people, they created the organization Patriotic Millionaires. It already includes the heiress of the Disney Empire, Abigail Disney, the ex-director of Men’s Warehouse George Zimmer, developer Jeffrey Gural and others.

     In total, the community has about 200 members. They are mainly men of the age who have liberal views. From sociological polls it follows that the statements of these people, similar to the speeches of the Democrats during the election campaigns, are often supported by the common population. Many community members claim that they feel guilty for their own wealth, and someone was looking for a sense of community and involvement in something.

     One of the creators of MOM’s Organic Market, Scott Nash, became a member of the organization about five years ago. According to him, if a person wants to live in a democratic republic, be protected and receive certain services from the state, he must pay taxes. Living in the country and not paying for it, in his words, is unpatriotic.

     Morris Pearl has built a career at BlackRock Inc. In 2014, he left the company. He joined the organization of patriots in order to feel himself a part of something important. He is also concerned about the fact that society is made up of several rich people and a large number of poor ones. This leads to the disappearance of the middle class, through which the economy is functioning.


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