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VTB is ready to pay 16 million to create a book of corporate values

VTB is ready to pay 16 million to create a book of corporate values

On December 31, VTB published an announcement on writing a book of corporate values ​​on the government procurement portal. The bank is ready to spend about 16 million rubles on its creation and publication.

According to the application, the contractor will have to prepare the design of the publication and content. It is also necessary to prepare an electronic version of the book for placement on the corporate website and other resources. About hundred days are given to complete the task. The book should reveal the mission of the bank, show the values ​​and behavioral principles of VTB. The author should mention its wide geography. VTB is positioning itself as an active and constantly developing financial team whose activities are aimed at helping customers to implement plans.

The task of the work is to arouse a sense of employees engagement with common goal, to be a tool to which one can return to find solutions to complex and non-standard situations.

VTB management asks authors to disclose the idea in a business language using the principles of drama. It should be revealed from the very beginning of the story. Illustrations should take at least half of the book. It is also necessary to use elements of augmented reality, which the reader needs to be warned about at the beginning of the book. And for reading these elements, a mobile application will be created.

VTB announced that the book will be released in two languages: Russian and English. According to preliminary data, the circulation will be about a thousand copies.

Books of corporate values ​​are the current trend of large companies. This can be explained by the fact that before starting to cooperate with the company, studying its reputation and brand is quite the thing.

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