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US FRS announced measures to support the market

US FRS announced measures to support the market

Federal Reserve System, the United States financial regulator, announced unrestricted support to the economy in the form of buybacks of government bonds and securities issued by mortgage agencies.

In a report from the Federal Committee on Open Market Operations, it is said that the spread of the coronavirus has created significant difficulties not only for the United States, but for the whole world. FRS admits that at this point it is becoming obvious that people will recover from the pandemic, but difficulties in the economic sector are inevitable.

The announced program to support the financial industry implies the purchase of securities. Previously, there was a limit of $500 billion for the redemption of government bonds, and for mortgage-backed securities – at $200 billion. In addition, the Federal Committee announced the purchase of corporate bonds, as well as support for companies in the amount of $300 billion. The Ministry of Finance, in turn, will provide citizens and businesses with loans in the amount of $30 billion.

Among other things, FRS plans to continue developing new mechanisms to support lending to large employers. The agency plans to lend directly to businesses within the framework of the Primary Market Corporate Credit Line. And to support the liquidity of the corporate bond market, FRS will open a Secondary Market Corporate Credit Line.


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