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Trump golf club charged Secret Service $10,000 for rooms in May, records show

Trump golf club charged Secret Service $10,000 for rooms in May, records show

Donald Trump charged the Secret Service nearly $10,200 for its use of guest rooms at his New Jersey golf club in May, newly released records indicate.

The May charges at the Trump National golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey totaled $10,199.52 for an 18-day stay – about $566 per night at the resort.

The Secret Service also released documents including a “hotel request” form that covered the period from 28 May to 1 July, as well as bills indicating $3,400 worth of resort charges for January, February and early May. The agency has not disclosed the reason behind those charges, which were placed before Trump’s arrival.

Charging rent from his government-provided security detail is not novel, as Trump has frequently charged the Secret Service for rooms used by its agents, even during his presidency, according to the Washington Post.

Currently, there are no laws that prevent Trump and his company from demanding the Secret Service pay rent at his properties, and rates are at the Trump Organization’s discretion. The Secret Service is required by law to pay whatever is required to rent rooms near its clients.

Joe Biden is the only other protected person who has charged the Secret Service rent. During his vice-presidency, Biden charged a monthly rent of $2,200 for its use of a cottage on his Delaware property. However, since becoming president, Biden has not charged the Secret Service rent.

The release of these bills come as New York state prosecutors announced criminal charges against the Trump Organization over its business dealings. The company and its chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg have been charged with tax-related crimes. Weisselberg and the company last week pleaded not guilty.


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