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Traders named the problems the market will face this year

Traders named the problems the market will face this year

JPMorgan conducted a survey among traders and found out what problems, in their opinion, investors will face in 2020. The study involved 650 people.

33% of traders indicated the lack of liquidity of some assets as a significant problem of this year. JPMorgan’s e-commerce executive Scott Wacker told Bloomberg that liquidity is the most important metric for both traders and risk management experts. Wacker also said that the number of liquidity providers is decreasing over time.

Also, 19% of traders said that recently, questions have been raised about ensuring the efficiency of work processes. 15% of the respondents indicated the issue of pricing as a significant problem. Another 15% mentioned problems of access to information among possible difficulties.

The bank has arranged such a survey for 4 years in succession. In 2019, liquidity issues also took the leading position, with 40% of respondents voted for them.

This year, for the first time, researchers took into account the impact of modern technology on the work of traders. As a result, 71% of respondents indicated that they get a thorough analysis of the market using AI. 66% said that with the help of technology, they simplified the process of assets trading. 58% of respondents noted that modern tools help traders learn to make the right decisions.


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