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Tinkoff Bank offers the government assistance in the fight against coronavirus

Tinkoff Bank offers the government assistance in the fight against coronavirus

Oliver Hughes, Chairman of the Board of Tinkoff Bank, has sent a proposal to the Deputy Mayor of Moscow Anastasia Rakova to help in fighting with the spread of the coronavirus, Forbes reports.

Hughes is ready to provide the city with the lending institution’s cloud-based contact center resources for handling calls, so that it can easily advise citizens on obtaining the necessary information. In addition, the company agrees to allocate its own couriers who will deliver food and medicine to citizens in need who must comply with quarantine.

Among other things, Hughes is ready to allocate office premises for the bank, since most of the employees work remotely. They can be converted into hospitals if there is not enough space in the existing ones. Hughes said that it’s all about huge areas that are equipped in the form of open space and are located on the first and second floors. The offices are provided with all the necessary communications, including electricity and air conditioning. Also, Tinkoff Bank is ready to re-equip premises at its own expense.

The representative of the bank said that at the moment a discussion on the use of operators was held with the mayor’s office, but still no response has been received on the rest of the proposals.

Also in March, entrepreneur Mikhail Gutseriev appealed to the Moscow authorities with an offer of financial support. The Radisson Slavyanskaya hotel, owned by God Nisanov and Zakhar Iliev, also offered its help. They are ready to accommodate doctors in the apartments. Also, rooms in hotels will be provided by Azimut Hotels and Cosmos Group.

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