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The $2.45 billion mistake

The $2.45 billion mistake

Blaise Aguirre, the Bank of America client, unexpectedly found $2.45 billion on his card balance. Later it turned out that this was a mistake. At the moment it has been fixed.

This amount was displayed on the man’s account both on the official bank’s website and in the mobile app. He immediately realized that there was a breakdown in the work of the company and hoped that the employees themselves would solve the problem. However, the solution didn’t come for a long time. Then the man contacted the bank manager and asked to sort it out. On his Twitter, Blaise described the incident as “my 15 minutes of insane wealth”.

According to information from the press service, the mistake was in the display of the amount. A similar problem has already arisen in early August. At that time, some accounts displayed a zero balance.

Last week it also became known about another mistake made by Citigroup. Employees accidentally transferred $900 million to a group of companies that provided credit to cosmetics manufacturer Revlon. Some of the recipients agreed to return the funds, and Brigade Capital Management and HPS Investment Partners refused to transfer the money, as they expected a loan repayment for this amount.


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