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Thailand introduces new taxes for tourists

Thailand introduces new taxes for tourists

The Thai government has announced plans to collect taxes from guests of the country in the amount of 300 baht or $9.28. Commissions for arriving by plane will be included in the ticket price. For those who plan to arrive by land or sea, the tax deduction method hasn’t yet been chosen.

This tax will be part of the national twenty-year plan, through which the government will have funds to maintain and stabilize the economy.

Pipat Ratchakitprakana, Sports and Tourism Minister, noted that the final amount of the tax hasn’t yet been approved, it may be reduced to 100-200 baht. The government will announce the final decision no later than the fourth quarter of this year, so that tourists have time to take this factor into account before going on a trip.

According to the Ministry of Sports and Tourism, about 39 million foreigners visited the country last year. With the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, the authorities have reduced the forecast to 16 million, however, the country is unlikely to be able to achieve such an indicator. In any case, the Thai government is not planning to welcome a sharp influx of tourists until October-December.


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