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SmartKey and Orange Revolutionize the Blockchain of Things

SmartKey and Orange Revolutionize the Blockchain of Things

As technology moves forward, you use more and more innovations to facilitate your daily activities. The cooperation of the largest Polish telecommunications operator with the innovative BoT (Blockchain of Things) provider improves the standard of your daily life. With the use of technology provided by SmartKey, Orange’s Live Objects platform puts an end to all the problems that arise when using your devices.

ORANGE POLSKA is the largest telecommunications operator in Poland, serving 14.36 million customers, and a leader of M2M. The company plays a huge role in digitalization of the country by implementation of innovative technologies on a national scale. Now, thanks to SmartKey, the Orange Live Objects leads in integrating the cities of the future in the BIoT (Blockchain IoT) model. The platform covers the core functions of the IoT (Internet of Things) project and lets you manage connected devices with the use of decentralized applications (dApps) blockchain.

  • IoT solutions in over 2000 cities worldwide
  • provider of over 2 million SIM cards for M2M Internet of Things solutions
  • 266 million users worldwide

SMARTKEY is a universal global communication standard (comparable to Bluetooth) that integrates IoT devices. Registering devices with an Orange SIM card in the blockchain network will make it possible to generate and distribute NFTs created by SmartKey and use the SmartKey Connector Technology in all functionalities of Live Objects.

SMARTKEY AND ORANGE’S COOPERATION is beginning in Poland, where SmartKey is headquartered. The partnership will then be rolled out globally, with more than 2,000 cities integrated into the platform. The unique integration of Orange’s global Live Objects IoT platform and SmartKey’s technology (to be known as Orange BIoT SIM by SmartKey) will be used in smart cities around the world.

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