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Sekuritance to Revolutionize Crypto-Sphere by Focusing on Security

Sekuritance to Revolutionize Crypto-Sphere by Focusing on Security

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Ethereum changed the game for the cryptocurrency industry. Blockchain technology went from the system that supports a single ledger to something that can support a whole operating system, including programmable applications, in a decentralized and secure way. It unleashed the power of the blockchain to a limitless degree. So now blockchains can be deployed to solve or help solve almost any problem in the world that admits a digital approach.

But all that potential remains a matter of principle, a theoretical advantage that we can’t see working in the real world because the technology, being so new, does not have the level of perfection it needs. So yes, blockchains have a lot of potential to solve the world’s problems.

Before they tackle the world, though, they will have to overcome many challenges of their own. A typical example is the storage of huge amounts of data. Blockchains can do the job and do away with the need to trust a central authority at the same time. Data in blockchains is as good as carved in stone, so it can’t be changed or falsified in any way.

But the revolutionary potential in blockchains comes at a price. If you take Ethereum as an example, you will find that every transaction costs some gas. And if the network is heavily loaded, the price can be as high as 50 USD

Transaction costs can only remain reasonable if the networks that host them can scale so that they can process more work with the same resources. Many blockchain projects are working hard to solve this very problem, and they are succeeding in many ways. But they are also finding new problems that also need some kind of resolution.

There indeed is the problem of regulation compliance in the cryptosphere. But the community has not given up at all. That’s why new projects such as Sekuritance are alive in the world today. It has found a way of doing things that could just succeed and bring about blockchain’s next evolutionary step.

Sekuritance: What Is It?

Unlike fiat currencies around the world, cryptocurrencies (and, by extension, blockchains) do not have a territory of their own. They’re international, and they’re also a new thing in the human experience.

That’s why securing compliance with the regulations in each country is a messy process that is not even a clear thing in itself in every jurisdiction. Yet, investors and crypto users must do their best to comply with their local requirements or face the consequences.

Sekuritance is a platform made to ensure that compliance with regulations is met by its users thus saving them the hassle of learning the regulations or failing to follow them correctly. The service is available for both individual and institutional investors.

The Sekuritance Proposal

There is a lot of goodness in this project’s proposal. Security, flexible scalability, a multi-dimensional dynamic risk engine taking full advantage of its holistic screening engine; drag-and-drop configurability, dynamic workflows, restful and binary API support, high speeds, encryption, maximal automation. And all that was developed with third-party customization in mind so that other projects and services can take advantage of it.

Another ingredient in Sekuritance’s recipe is SKRT, the utility token associated with the project’s blockchain. It’s meant to leverage the consensus process that keeps the blockchain’s information secure and stable.

One critical advantage in SKRT, the token, and in Sekuritance as a platform is in its agnosticism regarding blockchains. The platform is not married to any given platform (so many platforms depend completely on, say, Ethereum’s network to exist and perform, for instance). That enables it to run in public and private networks alike.

That is even better as the future arrives. Better networks and blockchains are popping up as blockchain technology matures and moves forward. Because of the level of abstraction prevalent in Sekuritance, it will be able to take advantage of those future new networks and become better almost without effort as it just shifts into the new networks to use their benefits.


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