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Sberbank informed customers about the possible activity of fraudsters

Sberbank informed customers about the possible activity of fraudsters

Sberbank investigated the attempts of fraud at the beginning of the New Year holidays and summarized that malicious users were practically not active these days, but were returning at the end of the holidays. This was reported by Forbes, based on data from TASS research.

From the statistics it follows that the difference between activity on workdays and holidays is huge.

In addition, the bank’s analysts during the study revealed that the main goal of fraudsters is social engineering, which accounts for 89% of all incidents. Typically, fraudsters use phone calls allegedly from representatives of the bank’s security service in their “schemes”. They offer to transfer funds to a backup account or go to an ATM to confirm the operation.

Over the past year, the bank processed approximately 2.5 million complaints of this kind. In recent New Year holidays, attackers tried to steal 280 million rubles, the attempt was unsuccessful.

Representatives of Sberbank also drew attention to the fact that they never asked their customers to confirm transactions through an ATM, and there were no reserve or spare accounts at all.

From the statistics of the Central Bank it follows that in 2018, with the involvement of social engineering, 97% of thefts were carried out. Clients themselves gave callers card numbers and a CVV code.

According to the Center for Monitoring and Responding to Computer Attacks in the Credit and Financial Sphere, in 2018 funds totaling 1.384 billion rubles were stolen from Russian cards. This figure has not risen to such a level since 2015.


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