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Sberbank cooperates with the government at struggle with coronavirus

Sberbank cooperates with the government at struggle with coronavirus

Sberbank analyzed the spread of coronavirus and created a mathematical scheme for the further development of events for Russia. This was told by its head Herman Gref to Forbes. According to the edition, analysts have calculated three options for the development of events. All of them, compared to the rest of the affected states, are not bad.

The model, prepared by Sberbank, takes into account the seasonality, passenger flows, as well as measures to combat the spread of the virus that are being taken by the state and regional leaders, explained Maxim Eremenko, director of the bank’s data research department. He also argues that one should not count on one specific scenario. Eremenko also noted that there is a relatively small flow of tourists in Russia. The analyst is sure that the spread of the virus depends on the weather: in cold weather, the susceptibility to the disease is higher. He also indicates the mortality of a group of people not younger than 40 years old, since they are less involved in the economy.

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