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Sberbank capitalization grew by 90 billion in half an hour

Sberbank capitalization grew by 90 billion in half an hour

The cost of Sberbank on the Moscow Exchange increased by 90.8 billion rubles within half an hour. Capitalization began to rise after the Ministry of Finance announced the alleged purchase of a controlling stock of shares in Sberbank from the Bank of Russia at market value. The first message about this appeared at 15:40, half an hour later the quotes reached their maximum values: the value of the bank’s shares was 259 rubles, preferred ones — 242.45 rubles. As a result, the capitalization of the credit institution increased from 5.75 trillion to 5.84 trillion.

On Tuesday the Ministry of Finance published a message, where it announced that it had prepared, together with the regulator, a bill according to which part of Sberbank would be acquired with money from the National Wealth Fund. The Central Bank owns 50% and 1 share of Sberbank. The NWF totaled 7.77 trillion rubles as of January 1.

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