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Orbs Announces Integration With The Graph Protocol

Orbs Announces Integration With The Graph Protocol

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The Orbs management disclosed that Orbs is available on The Graph Protocol. Orbs is an Ethereum-based interoperable blockchain platform that was launched back in 2019. Orbs aims to create a platform where businesses will be able to select the blockchain they need which means it can be likened to a hybrid blockchain network.

The Graph on the other hand is an indexing protocol for querying networks such as Ethereum. Here, anyone is allowed to build and publish open APIs (application programming interface) making data easily accessible.

So, the integration will allow anyone to access data for those interested in the Orbs project from the Ethereum blockchain. The Graph Protocol will simplify the process for users who have historically worked on legacy databases to work with information stored on blockchain networks.

How will the integration benefit Orbs?

Orbs confirmed it will be joining other noteworthy DeFi projects such as Uniswap, following the integration. It is now a project which is decentralized and open where anyone can participate in its ecosystem. Further, users can also audit the ecosystem to get transparent information.

Orbs explains The Graph’s validator nodes can index and audit the former’s data directly from PoS contracts on Ethereum. The user can then analyze important metrics and information.

The integration builds on the transparency that has been created with already launched analytical tools including the Orbs Universe Analytics and the Orbs Community Console. In fact, users can design their own queries and build proprietary analytical tools based on individual needs. The Orbs ecosystem data made available on The Graph protocol right now related to the status of elected Orbs Guardians. Third-party developers can use the information as an API via the GraphQL HTTP endpoint as well

Participants can use the interface to query information regarding Guardians including details associated with committee memberships, voting power and certification status. Orbs believes this transparency will help “delegators make informed decisions in selecting Guardians and assist clients in verifying they are indeed communicating with the correct Orbs nodes.”

In a nutshell, Orbs has built a community tool and encourages users to create their own queries and subgraphs with the information available.

Recent partnerships

The Orbs team developed the Orbs Universe Analyitics Dashboard which aggregates information about the Orbs PoS (Proof of Stake) Universe at a single place for Guardians and Delegators. The Delegators are ORBS token holders who assign voting right to Guardians. Alternatively, the ORBS Guardians maintain the security of the network and uphold the its long-term vision.

Further, the Orbs Community Console is a partnership between Flipside Crypto and the Orbs team. The console exhibits KPIs or key performance indicators for the Orbs network. It does this by analyzing on-chain metrics that provides insights into stakeholder behavior. The collaboration will support community members to understand activities that drive growth on the network.

Finally, Orbs has also collaborated with Staking Rewards which is a data provider for staking and other crypto-growth tools. Here, the Orbs PoS portal offers detailed information for staking ORBS tokens in addition to ORBS staking calculator and staking providers.

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