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Norton Crypto Mining: Antivirus Software to Mine Cryptocurrency

Norton Crypto Mining: Antivirus Software to Mine Cryptocurrency

Norton has added a cryptocurrency mining feature to its antivirus software. Users will be able to mine ethereum while their computers are idle. Miners can track and transfer their crypto earnings into their Norton Crypto Wallet.

Antivirus Software Can Mine Crypto

Nortonlifelock (NASDAQ: NLOK), a global cybersecurity company, announced Wednesday the launch of Norton Crypto, a cryptocurrency mining feature on the Norton 360 platform. The company explained:

Norton Crypto delivers a secure, reliable way for consumers to mine for ethereum … Once cryptocurrency has been earned, customers can track and transfer earnings into their Norton Crypto Wallet, which is stored in the cloud so it cannot be lost due to hard drive failure.

According to Norton Crypto’s terms and conditions, the crypto feature “allows you to use your personal computer’s computation power for low-volume cryptocurrency mining while maintaining the high level of protection provided by your subscription.” The mining software will run whenever the computer is idle.

“We will periodically transfer your allocation of crypto, if any, to a digital wallet that we create for you,” Norton explained. “Each of these transfers (commonly known as ‘payouts’) is subject to our fee for providing the Norton Crypto mining software. Our fee is currently 15% of the crypto transferred to you.” Norton owns and operates its own mining pool.

Vincent Pilette, CEO of Nortonlifelock, commented: “As the crypto economy continues to become a more important part of our customers’ lives, we want to empower them to mine cryptocurrency with Norton.”

Gagan Singh, chief product officer at Nortonlifelock, opined:

We are proud to be the first consumer cyber safety company to offer coinminers the ability to safely and easily turn the idle time on their PCs into an opportunity to earn digital currency.

The company further clarified that from Thursday, “Select Norton 360 customers in Norton’s early adopter program will be invited to mine for ethereum,” adding that “Norton Crypto is expected to become available to all Norton 360 customers in the coming weeks.”

Would you use Norton’s software to mine ethereum? Let us know in the comments section below.


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