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Nassim Taleb refused to call coronavirus a "black swan"

Nassim Taleb refused to call coronavirus a

Nassim Taleb, the creator of the term “black swan” refused to call the coronavirus pandemic to be such. The economist calls “black swans” unexpected events that dramatically change the vector of the economy, according to Forbes.

In an interview with Bloomberg, he claims that many researchers warned the authorities about the danger even when the virus could be eliminated at the very beginning of its spread, but everyone ignored it. The only one who reacted to Taleb’s words was Donald Trump’s administration, which urgently cut off communications with China. The economist expressed his dissatisfaction, because many journalists call the coronavirus “black swan”. In his words, it is white, since it was obvious that the world will face something much bigger than just a seasonal illness, and governments and companies showed their unpreparedness for the situation.

In early March, the analyst also argued with Elon Musk, who called the coronavirus “stupidity”, but Taleb retorted that humanity has survived for so long only thanks to “panic”.

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