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Morgan Stanley investment director is sure the worst is over

Morgan Stanley investment director is sure the worst is over

The peak phase of declines in equity markets is over, says Mike Wilson, Chief Investment Officer and strategist for United States securities at Morgan Stanley, Forbes reports.

Due to the massive sell-off of investment tools, as well as monetary and fiscal intervention by regulators for the first time in ten years, company analyst insists that the worst is over.

According to him, the collapse on the markets usually ends up with a recession, and doesn’t start with it. At the moment, the proportion of risk and return on stocks is more attractive than in the past few years. Wilson is confident that the current level of the markets is a good time for new entrants to come.

Infrequent positive forecasts for stock markets are affected by a combination of actions by authorities and regulators to support the financial sector, and signs of approaching the peak of the coronavirus spread in European countries.

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