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ILUS Coin Pre-Sale has been Extended

ILUS Coin Pre-Sale has been Extended

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It’s not too often that you come across well-reputed publicly traded companies launching their native token. ILUS International, however, is venturing into the crypto space to launch its native ILUS Coin.

ILUS is a public M&A investment company operating out of New York, London, and Dubai. The ILUS Group of Companies manufactures and distributes exclusive emergency response and life safety equipment and services worldwide. They possess unique patented technology, which can be used to save countless lives and a significant amount of water worldwide.

ILUS Coin, an ERC20 token, will fit seamlessly into ILUS group’s operation being used to expand its services at scale while providing incentives to the coin holders. The token is intended to establish social awareness and rewards to both coin holders and the wider market.

ILUS Coin is now undergoing its presale. During the presale, 3200 ILUS can be purchased for 1 ETH. The presale will end at 12AM ET on May 21st 2021, or when the sale of 10 million coins is met. To get an outlook on what opportunity the ILUS Coin presale provides, let us look at the tokenomics.

ILUS Coin Tokenomics

ILUS Coin Pre-Sale has been Extended

There will be a total of 100 million ILUS tokens created with 14.85%, 40%, 20%, and 25.15% allocated towards presale, public sale, team/market, and airdrops/staking respectively.

The capital raised during the presale will be used in the marketing and initial implementation of the first lease contract for infrastructure and software. The public sale of these tokens will take place slowly over the next 1-2 years. 20% of the token, with an issuance of 1M coins for the first 20 months, will be used for marketing and operational costs. The team working on this project will also be compensated through this share of the token.

The 25% allocated for airdrops and staking is a solution to provide incentives to those holders that remain loyal and hang onto their coins. The rewards will be paid out after 30 days and are fixed at 15% APR for the first year.

ILUS Coin Presale

The presale will run until May 21st, for which there will be an early-bird offer, and the presale of the ILUS Coin can be purchased on the ILUS website, at a discounted rate of 23%. It is available on Trust Wallet, Coinbase, and Metamask.

The process of purchase is fairly straightforward; all you need is a Metamask wallet extension on your browser as well as access to ILUS’s website. There will be a pop-up prompt from Metawallet to confirm your transaction. Once the user enters the amount of ETH for which they want to purchase ILUS, the purchase will be completed automatically. If you need additional guidance, checkout how to purchase ILUS Coins on Medium.

Everyone who participated in the presale will receive their ILUS Coins once the presale has ended. For existing coin holders, the AIRDROP top-ups will happen within 3 days of the Pre-Sale ending. ILUS expects to be on the first exchange on Monday, 24th May 2021.

This will also be announced on the Twitter and Telegram channels of ILUS. ILUS will be listed to the public on UniSwap after the pre-sale has ended at an increased listing price, followed by two leading centralized exchanges within the next several months.

ILUS Extension

ILUS understands that there are buyers who have been waiting for Ethereum to cool down and they have noticed that the pressure on the Ethereum network is causing network congestion issues and delaying transaction speeds. They were also delayed a few days with integration with Trust Wallet and Coinbase Wallet. Apart from the delay with the integration, they wanted to clarify that coinbase has a minor delay for ETH purchases before users can buy ILUS and it has nothing to do with the Ilus Coin project as it is purely a Coinbase Wallet process. Due to these issues, ILUS management has taken a decision to support buyers by extending the Ilus coin pre-sale phase to Midnight, 21st May, Eastern Time.

When you invest in the ILUS Coin, you become part of the ILUS community. As ILUS Coin acts as a governance token, possession of this coin gives users the option of voting on certain proposals. Not only is ILUS providing an avenue to help our society, but they are also doing so while giving its token holders a chance to earn 15% interest on their ILUS holdings. Everybody wins!

You can buy the Ilus coin here: https://www.ilus-coin.com/


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