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“Hell sanctions" against Russia

“Hell sanctions

The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee pursues the idea of protecting itself from Kremlin aggression. In August 2018, the first version of the bill was presented at the hearing, the essence of which was severe restrictions and fines against Russia. From the very start they began to call it “hellish”. In February of this year, it was updated and put to a vote, according to Reuters.

Before the bill comes into force, it needs to go through Senate and House of Representatives, and only after that it will be considered by Donald Trump. The President will either sign it into law or veto.

Supporters of the bill are confident that Washington reacts too softly to many of Kremlin’s political assumptions: election interference, aggression toward Ukraine, and involvement into Syria’s civil war.

The main directions of DASKA project are Russian banks that help to intervene in the elections, country’s cyber sector and new sovereign debt.

Not only Russia but also the countries cooperating with it are in danger. For example, on December 17, a sanction law was imposed on Allseas company. The reason is the joint construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline with Russia. Only Donald Trump’s signature is awaited by the law to come into effect.


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