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European Council prolongs sanctions against Moscow

European Council prolongs sanctions against Moscow

 The EU decided to extend sanctions against Russia for six months. They will affect the economic industry. Sanctions that are currently in force are valid until January 31, 2020 and will be prolonged until July. They limit the work of the financial, defense and energy sectors.

     Forbes reports, referring to TASS, that the decision was made following a report on progress in the implementation of Minsk agreements made by Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron. German Chancellor and the President of France summarized the essence of the agreements and the list of completed issues, after which European Council decided to extend restrictive measures against Kremlin.

     Sanctions were introduced by the EU and the USA in 2014, after Crimea annexation to the Russian Federation. In 2019, they were renewed for the last time.

     Countries did not come to a resolution of the conflict during the negotiations of the “Normandy Four” leaders, but agreed to exchange prisoners and meet again next spring.

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