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deFIRE and Coin360 Partner to Deliver Crypto Market Data

deFIRE and Coin360 Partner to Deliver Crypto Market Data

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Smart order routing engine deFIRE has announced a partnership with crypto metrics provider Coin360. The partners hope to build a mutually beneficial relationship as they move forward during a critical period in defi’s growth.

The partnership will help aid in the success of defi’s deployment on the Cardano blockchain as its long-awaited fully functional debut nears.

deFIRE Teams Up With Coin360

The partnership should prove to be a symbiotic relationship between deFIRE and Coin360. deFIRE is sitting in the unique position of routing large institutional orders as well as retail orders for Cardano’s defi-optimized blockchain that expects heavy traffic in the near future. deFIRE will also be Cardano’s first onramp for facilitating the trade of fiat currency for Cardano’s native tokens, an important feature for getting liquidity into the system.

As for liquidity of its own, deFIRE has been doing well in its run up towards launch. It has recently been propelled forward with $5M in funding from investors in a pre-IDO funding round, making it an attractive partner with money to spend on the success of future developments.

Coin360 Brings Data to the Table

Coin360 is one of crypto’s leading data aggregators, providing research tools for accessing and visualizing market data and analytics. Its site sees over 4.65M viewers and has a regular following that makes it one of the top 16,000 websites per visit in the world.

Coin360 provides a range of tools including heat maps that visualize current market standings, liquidity books, as well as widgets and charts that are useful for traders of all levels. Their ability to source and organize large amounts of useful data in real time has grown Coin360’s clientele into an active user base of defi traders big and small.

Combining Forces to Improve Defi

Cardano’s expected rise to prominence means that deFIRE will see heavy transaction numbers in the future, and its successful execution of highly efficient trades will depend on having the most up to date and accurate data available. With a wealth of easily accessible data taken from numerous feeds, Coin360 will ensure deFIRE’s users are supported with the most accurate and up to date information about the market as they pump order flows through deFIRE’s smart order routing in order to most efficiently participate in defi.

In defi, having as much information as possible is vital for success. Cardano’s institutional users can rest assured that Coin360’s partnership with deFIRE means their trades will be executed under circumstances informed by data culled from cross-blockchain network feeds, reducing slippage and inefficiencies when dealing with large volume swaps. Retail users will also benefit from the advantages of having their trades fly through the most accurate numbers available, just like the whales.

Raising the Bar for Crypto Data

Coin360 has been providing data about the current state of the digital market in striking and informative visual formats since 2017, and deFIRE will be providing a wealth of data from its native blockchain, Cardano. As defi continues to grow, and as Cardano prepares to make waves by entering defi with a splash, one can only imagine what fruits may be born from this partnership.

All eyes are on Cardano as it works towards releasing smart contract capability and allowing defi to really take off. Its ADA token has recently seen a surge in price taking it to new all time highs, and the anticipation in defi communities is palpable beyond the numbers ticking on coin prices. The recent partnership between deFIRE and Coin360 is yet another sign that exciting developments are in store across the Cardano ecosystem.


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