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Covid vaccine map: how are countries around the world doing?

Covid vaccine map: how are countries around the world doing?

Since the first Pfizer vaccine against Covid-19 was injected into the arm of a British woman in December 2020, hundreds of millions of vaccine doses have been administered worldwide.

Dozens of countries now have advanced vaccination campaigns as they rush to protect their people and get their economies back up and running. Many are in a position where the most vulnerable people are fully vaccinated, raising hopes that the pandemic’s worst effects may be over.

At the same time, many developing countries are struggling to buy adequate supplies and are suffering from new waves of the pandemic.

Is the world rolling out the vaccine fast enough?

Throughout the first quarter of 2021, a number of countries began to ramp up their vaccination programmes.

Those with the most advanced vaccination campaigns – such as Israel, the US and the UK – have started to see the benefits, with falling death rates as their populations build immunity.

Other countries in Europe have also expanded their vaccine coverage, but many developing countries have been unable to procure supplies at the same pace.

Vaccine rates by country

In the table below, you can find out the number of vaccine doses per 100 people in each country to date.

About this data

This data in this page are the latest available figures from Our World in Data. Differences in data collection and publishing schedules between countries may lead to temporary inconsistencies.

Vaccinations mean the number of doses that have been administered to date. As most approved vaccinations required two doses, a rate of 100 doses per 100 people does not mean full vaccination coverage.

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