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Convenience Powered by Security: A New Browser Wallet Connects dApps to Free TON

Convenience Powered by Security: A New Browser Wallet Connects dApps to Free TON

A highly scalable, decentralized blockchain platform gets a convenient browser wallet to facilitate dApps development.

Crystal Wallet

Metamask. Anyone who has worked with Ethereum for more than a week is familiar with this browser wallet. It lets countless decentralized applications (dApps) connect to Ethereum, send transactions, and interact with smart contracts.

Metamask has become an industry standard and benchmark for users, who expect at least the same convenience from any new retail blockchain.

It is with that level of convenience in mind that the Broxus team, developer of the bridge between Free TON and Ethereum networks and one of Free TON’s core validators and maintainers, has created a new, thorough browser wallet.

Having deep expertise in the development of dApps for Free TON, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, Broxus has remastered its Crystal Wallet, a fork of the original Gram Wallet created by the Telegram team. The new wallet has retained the name of Crystal Wallet, warmly recognized by the community.

Wallet users will enjoy its neat and convenient interface and its support for all different kinds of popular Free TON wallet contracts. They will be able to restore their wallet from the desktop application or create new accounts. In addition, the team plans to add support for TIP-3 tokens to facilitate interaction with the other Broxus products, TON Bridge and TON Swap.

The team stresses that all sensitive information (seed phrases and private keys) will stay encrypted in local storage and will never be transferred outside of the user’s device. Users should create passwords that they will need to provide each time they want to spend some funds or confirm requests from dApps.

On the decentralized application’s side, the Crystal Wallet extension provides a web3-like Free TON API that it uses to call locally in order to interact with the blockchain. This opens up a huge window of opportunity for dApp developers, from multisignature custodies similar to Gnosis Safe, to various DEXes, gaming projects, and NFTs.

Users will be able to strictly control all operations that are performed by the dApp and involve their funds.

“We are strongly focused on user funds security, that’s why we have published the sources of the wallet on Github and plan to undertake a security audit of the solution once it matures out of the beta version.” – says Vladislav Ponomarev, CEO of Broxus.

The team has a detailed roadmap for the wallet’s development that includes mobile and desktop versions, multi-accounts and further UI improvements. Follow the Free TON Community to stay informed of the latest news tied to the project.

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