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BSCPad Joins Forces With TRON to Release TRONPAD

BSCPad Joins Forces With TRON to Release TRONPAD

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Two blockchain behemoths, TRON and BSCPad, have joined forces to create TRONPAD, a TRON native launchpad. TRON is one of the largest blockchain protocols in the world, settling over 3 million transactions a day, with a particularly strong Asian presence. BSCPad is the largest launchpad on Binance Smart Chain, with a streak of successful Initial Dex Offerings under its belt.

TRONPAD will be built similarly to BSCPad, allowing for fair decentralized launches through a tiered structure. This will entail tiered structures, meaning that the more native launchpad tokens a user delegates to stake or hold, the higher tier access they have to upcoming IDOs on the platform. Higher tier users are more likely to get access to the newly minted IDO tokens than those who stake the minimum amount.

BSCPad is still brand new, having only launched in March of this year, but the insatiable hunger for IDOs cannot be fulfilled. Binance Smart Chain unique wallets have grown by over 21 million and daily transactions have grown by over 5 million since their launchpad was released. TRON is looking to wet the beaks of the IDO crazed crowd and ramp up for a similar explosion to Binance Smart Chain.

Justin Sun and Godzilla Weigh In

Founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent, Justin Sun said: “The BSCPad team is very strong and knowledgeable, they consist of some of the top players in the space. We are looking forward to taking this collaboration to new heights…As the hyperadoption of crypto continues to explode, TRONPAD will serve as a fair IDO platform for projects launching on the TRON blockchain.”

Co-Founder of BSCPad, Godzilla, added: “We are very happy to be collaborating with the TRON team to build the first ever native IDO platform on one of the largest blockchain networks…We believe that providing users with a predictable and provably fair system gives users the proper incentives to accumulate and hold tokens and support each and every project launched.”

The Launchpad Ethos

The launchpad ethos is built around the idea that anyone can participate in an IDO. The idea that the common retail investor is no longer beholden to companies and venture capitalists to buy the token of the project they have been tracking for years in pre-sale. However, there will still be middlemen, VCs, and companies who have invested in the token before retail and before IDOs, because that is just how the blockchain world works for now.

The real freedom is buying the coin itself and having full custody of the coins you believe in, because most companies would rather wait for an ETF or similar fund to buy. IDO or not, buyers of promising projects are still early.

BSCPad has continually improved its launchpad mechanics to reward all token holders and not just the top 1%, which has been an issue with other launchpads. BSCPad has stated that there is no manipulation, no bots and a secure design for all participants which is expected to be adapted by TRONPAD.


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