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Billions from Pugacheva and other fraudulent schemes

Billions from Pugacheva and other fraudulent schemes

The demand for quick money increases with the crisis in many families. It causes scammers to create more and more pyramids. Russians are increasingly spending their time online, which is full of its pitfalls. This is especially true for money and investors. And there are pretty much ways to lose your own money.

So, for example, a new Alla Pugacheva appeared on the network, who is happy to talk about ways to make money. For this, the fraudsters created a full copy of her official account. It publishes some advertising posts in which users are promised to get a daily income of $1000. To do this, they have to register. Professionals immediately understand that there’s got to be a catch, but ordinary readers who want to believe in a simple and affordable method of making money fell prey.

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to keep users from losses. Before they begin to understand where the fraud is, and where the real way of earning is, they have to go through more than one pyramid. Only then people have a chance to “recover”. Neither lessons in financial literacy nor detailed explanations help here.

Financial pyramids and fraudulent schemes haven’t bite the dust with MMM, they exist and actively develop. However, today they are taking on new forms. Financial crises are fertile ground for them. This trend is observed not only in Russia, but throughout the world.

As a rule, pyramids are built according to one basic principle. It all starts with the scammers promising users to double their investments in a month. This is round zero. In order for such a pyramid to live and flourish, the number of its participants must double every month. As a rule, the most tenacious ones are kept for seventeen months. The number of participants reaches 250,000 and more. After that, the pyramid collapses. In other cases each scammer has his own story, which he tells so that the victim invests his money.

Such schemes can be found especially often on the Internet. For example, in the USA the most popular game is “Blessing Loom”. To get into it, you need to make a contribution. You can leave the group and even really earn money, but considering that the user brings his comrades into it, and they, in turn, add new members to the community. The scheme itself has not changed, but adapted to the smartphone and doesn’t take much time now. In the end, even such a pyramid collapses, and those who entered too late lose money. In Russia, a similar scheme called “Black Cash” is actively developing on Instagram.

The Central Bank is especially concerned about the development of fraudulent programs.

Unfortunately, no matter how careful citizens are, there are many other, more complex ways to lure potential victims. For example, brokerage and investment companies hunt for clients to expand their user base. After watching a couple of YouTube videos, the user may decide that investing is easy. They are joined by numerous teachers who promise to explain what the market is and how it works. However, if everything were that simple, there would be no stock exchanges.

Let’s consider the profitability of the most popular and large investment funds to understand that investing is not easy. For example, over the past five years, profitability of UBS, Morgan Stanley and others has shown negative results of -4.8%, or even more. And all this is provided that these funds employ highly qualified specialists who, apart from investments and market analysis, do nothing.

To avoid deception, it is necessary to study in detail the companies which ask you to join. Search for comments on the forums, sort out the way of making money that they offer, find organizers and any information about them. In addition, you should never rush. To understand whether the company is actually profitable, it may make sense to consult with an expert. He will surely dispel or confirm doubts.


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