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Denver: four arrested and weapons seized ahead of MLB All-Star Game

Denver: four arrested and weapons seized ahead of MLB All-Star Game

Four people were arrested and more than a dozen weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition seized at a downtown Denver hotel close to several events planned in conjunction with the Major League Baseball All-Star Game.

The showpiece MLB event takes place on Tuesday at Coors Field. Festivities have been staged in and around the ballpark and downtown for the past several days.

Local media reported that police who made the discovery at the hotel feared a “Las Vegas-style shooting”, a reference to events in Nevada on 1 October 2017, when a man killed 60 and injured more than 400 by firing assault rifles from a hotel room.

However, an official told the Associated Press investigators did not immediately find any evidence to suggest the group was plotting a mass shooting. The official also cautioned that the investigation was still in its early stages.

Officers responding to a tip from a maid searched two rooms at the Maven Hotel, a block from Coors Field, on Friday night. Three men and a woman in their 40s were arrested and two vehicles were impounded to be searched for evidence. The recovered weapons included several rifles, the official said.

The men were being investigated for possession of a weapon by a previous offender. The woman, who has a separate warrant, was being investigated on a drugs charge.

The Denver Channel, a local ABC affiliate, reported that one of the men recently posted a message on Facebook about a divorce and said he was going to “go out in a big way”.

But the FBI said: “We have no reason to believe this incident was connected to terrorism or a threat directed at the All-Star Game. We are not aware of any threat to the All-Star Game events, venues, players or the community at this time.”

Denver police said in a statement the tip that led to the arrests was an excellent example of the community’s “critical role” in public safety. It said visitors should always be aware of their surroundings and report any suspicious or illegal behavior.

The Maven Hotel said it was “incredibly proud that our team swiftly alerted the authorities in this instance. We are thankful to DPD for their quick action to safely resolve this situation and will continue to work closely with them to support their investigation.”

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