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Chubbs Wilson Bridges Gap Bet. Culture & Crypto With Private Party

Chubbs Wilson Bridges Gap Bet. Culture & Crypto With Private Party

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Behind some of the most famous social media influencers and brands today is Chubbs Wilson, one of the leaders in online marketing. Since 2014, he has helped numerous personalities and companies get their names known in the digital world. Recently, he helped with the mansion party event for crypto companies, where famous rappers Lil Pump and Blue Face performed.

At the age of 14, Chubbs started to work towards his current career. He started learning computer science at that age and was able to help many marketers with the technological aspects that they found confusing. Like everyone else, he also started small. However, because of his innate skills in coming up with fresh and trendy ideas for promotion, it didn’t take long for Chubbs to make a name for himself.

He’s now renowned for his expertise in different social media networks, most especially Instagram. Chubbs shares the private parties that he helps host for his clients on the platform. What makes his strategy unique is that the companies are able to get their name known by sponsoring the event where celebrities gather. It’s called influencer marketing, and it has been proven to be very effective in increasing brand awareness.

Chubbs knows that the best way to expose the brand name of his clients is to have someone famous mention or feature them. These influencers and celebrities have a large fanbase with thousands or even millions of members. As a result, they can increase traffic to the companies that sponsor the exclusive parties and events.

For the years of experience that Chubbs has in the industry, he has observed influencer marketing as one of the most effective strategies. However, what makes his private mansion parties even more successful is the list of celebrities he invites to attend and perform. All of them have a significant influence on various platforms, and with just their word, the sponsors’ reputation can go through the roof in a short amount of time.

Unlike the typical endorsements, the exclusive mansion parties are more trendy, and as mentioned, they attract more influential personalities. Besides Lil Pump and Blue Face, the TikTok star Blake Gray, and the ever-famous DJ Akademiks also made their appearance. The event has resulted in the sponsor crypto company getting a lot of social validation, which significantly helped them gain an ROI.

Chubbs understands culture very well, and he’s always had an eye for visual aesthetics. He knows what will most likely get his clients the prominence that they need by evaluating the public’s current interests. He then uses his technology and graphic design skills, personality, and connections to best implement the strategies he has created.

The number of companies and online personalities that Chubbs has helped grow has exceeded expectations. He has helped his clients in brand awareness, content creation, social media following, google SEO, and much more.


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