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Bitcoin broke out for $10,000, speculators are waiting in the wings

Bitcoin broke out for $10,000, speculators are waiting in the wings

According to the information of the Coindesk crypto exchange, the price of Bitcoin peaked at $12,117. The price of the first cryptocurrency overperformed the $12,000 mark for the first time since August 7 last year, when its maximum value was $12,036.

Along with this, the jump in the value of the asset was followed by its correction. By 09:54 Moscow time, bitcoin was trading at $11,299.

For traders who are betting on the asset’s growth, breaking the value of $11,500 was a real breakthrough. Because of the jump in the value, many analysts predicted further growth to $15,000. Some experts, namely RIA Novosti, are confident that the jump in the first cryptocurrency’s price happened due to the weakening of many world currencies.

At the same time, many publications noted that the rise in bitcoin prices opened up new opportunities for development for the first cryptocurrency. For example, Rob Slimer, a technical strategist at Fundstrat Global Advisors, said in an interview with Bloomberg that the value of the digital asset will continue to move towards the next level — $13,800.

Similar fluctuations in the value of bitcoin were noted at the end of last year, when the asset went up in price from several thousand to $10,000.

But Mati Greenspan, a crypto investor, told The Wall Street Journal that speculators are likely to take advantage of the jump. One of the stimuli for the BTC growth is a sharp runup in trade volumes, which was the result of the emergence of new trading tools.

Cointelegraph experts, in turn, perceived the growth of bitcoin as something natural. Only trader Scott Melker noted that during the Bitcoin price leap, there was a jump in the sale of the Ethereum altcoin.


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