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ApeTools to Launch This Weekend on DeFiDrop Launchpad

ApeTools to Launch This Weekend on DeFiDrop Launchpad

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DeFiDrop is a new entrant into the DeFi space and is a specialized launchpad and incubator. The platform is geared towards value creation to support anonymous teams and boost the growth of the DeFi industry as a whole. DeFiDrop guarantees that all projects that get selected to go live on its launchpad are legitimate and reliable.

Since the platform’s inception in 2020, the DeFi launchpad has held two token sales. On May 23rd, 2021, DeFiDrop will host the token sale for ApeTools, a trading tool for Binance chain pairs. During the sale, there will be an allocation of 100 BNB. The initial unlock will be 50%, while the remaining 50% will be available after 45 days.

The public sale token price is set at 25,000 TAPE for 1 BNB with a maximum cap per wallet set at 0.5 BNB. Before the launch, the total supply for the TAPE token was set at 100,000,000, while the initial circulating supply was at 13,800,000 TAPE.

Besides DeFiDrop, the token sale will also be held at the Launchzone for BSCX holders. Through ApeTools, investors can explore the ape activity happening on protocols like Uniswap, Sushiswap, and Cakeswap from a single dashboard.

ApeTool also has trading tools for decentralized exchanges allowing users to track almost any asset on decentralized exchanges. The platform also provides data that helps investors monitor their investments in the DEXs. ApeTools, at the same time, brings the best tools to the BSC network from a strategic and marketing perspective.

ApeTools is the second DeFi project to utilize the DeFiDrop launchpad platform. Recently, EchoToken, a real-time DeFi tool for early investors, analysts, traders, and developers, also got launched on DeFiDrop. The platform allows investors to discover up and coming projects on time before the masses know. That way, interested investors can put their money in projects that have potential for growth. The platform also offers investors advanced tools for swap traders like tracking whale movements, among others.

What to Know about DeFiDrop

It is important to note that the DeFiDrop’s launchpad is cross-chain, just like its token. The project also offers staking and LP staking programs, with DROPS stakers governance for upcoming IDOs. DeFiDrop also conducts token buybacks, followed by token burning events ensuring the coin will steadily rise as the demand grows.

DeFiDrop has also partnered with other worthy DeFi projects like DeFiBoost, HashEx, CryptoEx, and UniMex. Although these platforms are relatively young, they have emerged as successful businesses steering the DeFi ecosystem to the next level.

Furthermore, DeFiDrop has already tasted serious early success after the platform held its token sale. The private sale ended up being extremely short as all of the designated tokens were sold in under two minutes. Besides, about 7.5 million DROPS tokens were sold for 650 BNB. The project also conducted a public presale of 20 million tokens that got completed within a day.


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