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Amazon couriers hung phones on trees to be the first to receive orders

Amazon couriers hung phones on trees to be the first to receive orders

Bloomberg has discovered a strange “phenomenon” in the form of smartphones hanging from tree branches near Amazon delivery stations and Whole Foods stores in the suburbs of Chicago, writes Forbes. The reference sources said that couriers hope to receive orders faster than others this way.

Couriers who deliver packages by their vehicles receive orders to Amazon Flex app. Previously, the service helped many people to earn money in their free time from their main work, but with the advent of the crisis, most citizens became dependent on this source of income, which increased the level of competition.

When distributing orders, the system searches  who are closest to the order picking station by geolocation. It can determine the location of the employee with an accuracy of five meters. Along with this, the worker will have only a couple of minutes to confirm the order.

Therefore, couriers hang their phones on trees near the station and synchronize them with other devices. Thanks to this, the team can receive an order even if it is physically located elsewhere.

Such tricks reveil the problem of unemployment and serious competition in a country suffering from crisis. A smartphone hanging from a tree means as much to employees as different trading robotic systems for different hedge funds.

In addition, Amazon administration often receives complaints from couriers about competitors who have “hacked” the delivery system. The company is currently investigating the issue and looking for ways to solve it.

A Bloomberg wireless consultant said that couriers often hang several phones at once connected to different app accounts. Thus, they are one step ahead of the company and service developers’ algorithms.


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