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A Successful Listing for Ternoa

A Successful Listing for Ternoa

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Listings on Uniswap and Gate.io create international exposure.

The Ternoa $CAPS token listing took place on May 28 on two well-known platforms: Uniswap and Gate.io. By offering public access to the token via platforms such as these, Ternoa expresses its ambition and potential to change the industry and technology surrounding blockchain.

Using the combined exposure of two decentralized exchange platforms, Ternoa successfully launched the global offer of $CAPS. The decision to limit the launch to only two marketplaces was based on the desire to facilitate a streamlined and simple introduction of Ternoa’s token to the public.

A Successful Listing for Ternoa

$CAPS was very well received. As mentioned on the Ternoa Twitter account, the token was listed at 0.01 USD, peaked at 0.12 USD and settled close to 0.04 USD by the end of the first day on the market. This week, in less than 2 weeks from listing, the CAPS already exceeded 0.20 USD.

$CAPS will facilitate many of the innovations within the Ternoa ecosystem and is an integral part of the project. It’s significant market demand is an early indicator of the excitement of future users and investors. Be it to generate profit, expand a portfolio with $CAPS or to own them for future use on the platform, Ternoa, it’s time capsules and token appear to have gained worldwide interest and following – not to mention that pre-listed investors already benefit from the possibility of stacking CAPS, an additional reward for their early trust in the project.

Ternoa is continuously growing, restructuring and evolving.

First listings are important for a project of this magnitude – they illustrate large potential and often are catalysts for further development. Considering our success in such an early market phase, Ternoa knows that they can be confident about future developments.

The recent fundraising, listing and stacking, plus the upcoming arrival of the company’s crypto-wallet, justify the public’s trust and confidence in the Ternoa project and brand.


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